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The ArcPy.Mapping module is new to ArcGIS 10 and brings some really exciting features for mapping automation including the ability to manage map documents and layer files as well as the data within these files. Support is also provided for automating map export and printing as well as the creation of PDF map books and publication of map documents to ArcGIS Server map services.

The free  lecture for this module can be found by clicking here

Note: The data and exercises will only work with ArcGIS 10 so unless you have a pre-release copy you'll need to wait until the final release to complete the exercises. You will also want to create the following directory structure in Windows Explorer: C:\GeoSpatialTraining\ArcGIS 10\GIS Programming 101\Exercises

It's not absolutely necessary to create this structure, but the exercises assume that it exists. Just keep that in mind if you unzip elsewhere.

There are 5 exercises for this module.

Exercise instructions

Exercise data

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